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How to Spot Quality Discount Golf Clubs

Golf is one of the many luxury sports out there. Not only is the membership to a golf club expensive, but the equipment and accessories required to play the game can also come at a price.

There are several ways to spot discount golf clubs which are still of top quality.

Prior to buying the very first golf club within one’s reach, he must first consider several factors like his age, driving style, and general comfortability while on the course. He must also be able to determine which among the different discount golf clubs is most suitable for each terrain, since a set often composed of several different types of golf clubs.

Discount Golf ClubsWoods are the golf clubs with large, convex heads. In selecting woods, the buyer must first consider the ideal materials for heads which are titanium, carbon fiber, or steel, and these heads are usually mostly-hollow. The shaft must be of graphite or steel. When choosing a wood’s shaft, professionals prefer the lighter ones since it allows for a more speedy drive.

Drivers, on the other hand, must have slightly bigger heads than the wood, and one which has a shaft that is 45.5 inches long for beginners. For those who intend to compete in the Professional Golfers Association Tournaments, it is best to have himself accustomed to drivers with shafts that are 44.5 inches long, as this is the standard size set by the PGA. Generally speaking, drivers must always be lighter than woods.

Another common type of golf club are the irons. These irons have upright angles, shorter shafts, and a head with a flat angled face. This golf club is specifically designed to allow the player to make swings that are more restricted or controlled. Irons, therefore, are the best choice for getting out of tricky terrains.

When selecting an iron from among the many discount golf clubs available, one must not be intimidated by the numbers. The different classifications of irons are categorized by numbers from 1 to 9, with 1 having the longest shaft, and 9 with the shorter shaft, higher loft angles, and heavier club heads. Generally, the higher numbers are for the more advanced players, but one must familiarize himself with these different irons, as each may easily help him out of hazards.

Irons that appear to have higher degree lofts, wider soles, and seemingly heavier heads are called wedges. These wedges are often used for short-range and high altitude drives, because they offer the payer accurate swings. Wedges are suitable for approach shots like getting the ball onto to the green, or lay-up shots to get the ball onto the fairway.

Irons and wedges are made out of cast out steel alloys, while some of the more professional clubs are made out of forged iron. Clubs which are made of forged iron requires a highly skilled player because of its heavier weight, but with the perfect swing, he can make a curved shot or make the shot bend to get the ball out of an obstacle.

Another type of club to consider when browsing through discount golf clubs are the putters. Putters are those whose lofts do not exceed 10 degrees, making it the best choice for very short-range shots, like allowing the ball to roll on the grass from one point of the course and accurately on to the hole. Good putters must be able to support the ball to glide smoothly on the grass, while reducing its bouncing off the turf.

There are many discount golf clubs available, but those of fine characteristics require an observant eye. Being able to save money doesn’t always mean saving on quality.